Leaves and shells

Health Benefits:

  • Helps improve digestion and stomach upset, and reduces abdominal swelling.
  • Used to treat the symptoms of irritable colon.
  • It helps to control nervous states and anxiety.
  • It has antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals, which reduces the risk of some types of cancer and reduces premature aging.
  • It helps to improve the cycles of dreams.
  • Technical Specifications:

  • Origin: Paraguay
  • Appearance: rough and grassy, light.
  • Flavor: subtle, lemon-like aroma, easy to drink.
  • Texture: elongated and somewhat rough leaves.
  • Color: light green.
  • Packaging: 10kg multi ply paper sacks labelled with Packer, Product Description, Net weight, Details and Lot Number
  • Export Countries:

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