Stevia Leaves

Leaves and shells

Health Benefits:

  • Calorie-free natural sweetener. It has no impact on blood glucose or blood sugar.
  • It is an anti-blood pressure agent because it has a blood vessel dilation effect and also increases diuresis (urine and sodium excretion).
  • Chewing its leaves can be very beneficial for dental plaque.
  • Natural source of antioxidants.
  • Helps inhibit the proliferation of pathogens in the body and is used to reduce anxiety.
  • Technical Specifications:

  • Origin: Paraguay
  • Appearance: dry, free of flowers.
  • Taste: unique and intense sweet, fresh.
  • Texture: light-textured green leaves.
  • Color: shades of green in which dark green predominates.
  • Packaging: 10kg multi ply paper sacks labelled with Packer, Product Description, Net weight, Details and Lot Number.
  • Export countries:

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